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CNC Slant Bed Turning Lathe brands

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18-Sep-2018 05:49 AM


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Product introduction:

CNC46C is Slant bed CNC Lathes, machine control system is used Taiwan's SYNTEC 6TA-T3S system. Workpiece clamping type: hydraulic way, performance optimization, heat Good, it has a high rigidity, high precision and Strong vibration resistance, the product used in auto parts, motorcycle accessories, medical equipment, intelligent furniture accessories, bathroom accessories, motor shaft accessories, furniture hardware accessories.
Product parameters:
Model CNC46C
Tool installation Row knife type
Adjacent tool change time(s) 0.2
Tool change method Random
Square knife holder(mm) 20×20
Round hole knife seat(mm) φ20
Chuck Size 6"
Spindle speed (r/min) 0-4500
Spindle bore(mm) φ56
Center height(mm) 56
Max.swing diameter(mm) 400
Main axis power(KW) 5.5
Minimum resolution 0.001
X/Z axis travel (mm) 340/250
X/Z axis rapid traverse speed(m/min) 26(Factory setting)
X/Z axis repeat positioning accuracy(mm) 0.002/0.002
Taper(mm) ≤0.003/100mm
Roundness(mm) ≤0.003
X servo-motor(kw) 0.85
Z servo-motor(KW) 1.3
Hydraulic station motor power(KW) 0.75
Tank motor power(KW) 150W
cooling water tank capacity(L) 60
Feeding rack center high(mm) 1015
Power(kw) 8
Weight(KG) 2800
Size(L*W*H)(mm) 2090*1320*1760
Product features:
1.High precision, high rigidity, strong vibration resistance
2.Taiwan SYNTEC 6TA-T3S system
3.Machine body is cast in one piece with resin bonded sand
4.Taiwan high-precision spindle
5.The lathe bed tilts by 45°
6.X axis and Z axis the displacement speed can reach up to 30M/min
7.Can be used in conjunction with bar feeding automatic
8.Easy to chip removal
9.Spindle motor adopts AC servo motor
10.Workpiece clamping type:Hydraulic
11.Work Light
12.Full closed protection
Product detail:
Certificate of quality:
Our Service:

Q: minimum order quantity
A: 1 SET
Q: delivery time
A: the delivery time will be confirmed by different machines with different configurations. Some models are in the store. Some models take about three months.
Q: warranty period
A: from the date of bill of lading, the company implements after-sales service. The warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, our company will provide replacement parts free of charge if the parts or damage are caused by the quality of the machine. At the same time, the machine should be provided by the buyer according to the operation procedure (except for improper operation or artificial damage).
Q: payment time
A: we like to make 100% T/T.
Q: Which level of quality are your products?
A: We have got CE, ISO,
Q: Is your price competitive?
A: Only good quality machine we supply. Surely we will give you best factory price based on superior product and service.
Packaging Details:
Plastic stretch film for the first layer, EPE packaging film for the second layer, and packing with wooden case at last, together with pallet on the bottom of wooden box.
Standard export port:
Shunde or Shenzhen
Packing scene picture


Our Customers:
Welcome your to visit our factory! Hope you can talk with our engineer face to face, all your requirement will be in the design. You will watch all the goods producting, packing. You can check the goods before shipping. And you also see other clients'goods, and the rooms local we offered before.
Contact Us:
TEL: +86 18923291668
Address: NO.4-7, Xingye 3rd Road, Guanglong Industrial Park, Chencun, Shunde District, Foshan CityCNC Slant Bed Turning Lathe brands

Abberly Village Apartment Homes

1000 Abberly Village Circle, West Columbia, SC 29169

Call: 833-334-9767
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