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Wine, Fashion, Fun and Julia Roberts – West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Are you interested in fashion? If so, and you live in an apartment in West Columbia, SC you can enjoy a fun evening of giving and fashion at Wine Dine & Design. This is an amazing fashion show event created by The Walker Foundation. Become a part of it on October 2, 2014 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center's largest room. The VIP Reception is 6:00 and the Show starts at 7:30. Julia Roberts is the celebrity co-host!

Wine Dine & Design is more than a Fashion show. It’s an opportunity to give while mixing and mingling with other like-minded individuals over a night of glitz and glamour. What’s best is that this even goes directly to support the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind which provides education and accessibility for the deaf, blind or sensory multi-disabled, their families and the professionals who serve them.

Wine Dine & Design is an event to raise awareness and funding for the services provided by the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind.

More information - winedineanddesign.org

Too Many Renter’s Go Without Insurance - West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 26, 2014

The number of people renting homes instead of buying continues to rise, especially in urban areas. And it just so happens those are the same areas that are the most disaster-prone, according to the Insurance Information Institute, which says only 37% of renters have insurance on their belongings.

The insurance group is quoting a 2014 poll, which found that only 37% of renters have renters insurance, compared to 95% of homeowners who have a homeowners policy.

“Renters insurance provides a very important financial safety net when there is a disaster,” Renters insurance is relatively inexpensive — the average cost of a renter’s policy is only $187 per year, or less than four dollars per week.

Homeownership has fallen for over the past decade. And, in major cities renters outnumber homeowners. These cities are also at risk from natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and severe winter weather, as well as fire, theft and vandalism.

Many renters are under the misperception that their landlord’s insurance policy will reimburse them if their personal property is damaged or destroyed, but that’s just not the case.

If you are renting apartment in West Columbia, SC consider buying renter’s insurance.



Collard and Barbeque Festival – West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 25, 2014

If you live in an apartment in West Columbia, SC you can enjoy Gaston’s Collard and Barbeque Festival on October 3rd and 4th .

Come and enjoy the festivities. Friday October 3rd, will be the Barbeque Competition. And, on Saturday October 4th will be the Festival’s Parade at 10 am., after the parade will begin the Live Entertainment at the outdoor stage and in the auditorium, free rides for the kids, Barbeque Contest, Vendors, Exhibitors, Crafters, an Antique Car and Tractor display, Karaoke, the award ceremony for the Barbeque Competition winners and much more.

Don’t forget the Collard and Barbeque plates will be available in the kitchen on Saturday from 11:30 until…

Next weekend, October 3 & 4, 2014 come join the fun!


Reasons People Love to Rent – West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 19, 2014

From the struggle to save money for a down payment to those who enjoy a more carefree lifestyle without worrying about replacing roofs and plumbing, the reasons for renting abound. Buying isn't for everyone. There are financial benefits to renting, but there are other reasons why renting might just be the ideal fit for your lifestyle. Beyond the money, here are seven scenarios where renting could be the solution that helps you call your apartment in West Columbia, SC home.


If life brings you repeatedly to a certain part of town -- whether for work or play -- renting can instantly give you access and shorten your daily travel time. If you live in a metropolitan area, renting close to work could mean a savings of hundreds each year on commuting costs, not to mention the time you don't have to spend in the car or on public transportation. If your friends and after-hours activities keep you out until late hours, you can skip leaving your car somewhere and simply walk home, not to mention being able to rent in a more upscale area for less than it would cost to buy. No down payments or paperwork -- just instant access to the place you want to be with a deposit and rent check. You might be able to stay parked, or ditch the car entirely.


Got wanderlust? Maybe work takes you to a new place every few years. If so, buying doesn't really fit your lifestyle. Renting allows you to sign leases of varying terms and plan future travel without being locked into a long-term living obligation like buying.


If work's looking like it could take you elsewhere, renting is an ideal fit. With the costs of closing on a home (including down payments), you might be better off signing a short-term or corporate lease (complete with furnishings). This way, it's less about stuff and more about being nimble and keeping your life portable.


When kids come along, schools are a major decision-making factor. The better public schools can often be found in areas where home prices are higher. You just might find that renting a home in an area with access to the right schools makes more financial sense than buying in the same area.


Some folks just aren't handy, or simply don't want to be. When you rent, there's always a landlord or management company you can call for repairs. While you're going to be at their mercy for getting to your place and getting the fixing going, odds are you won't be out of pocket for repairs that are structure-related. They'll have the leaks in your roof from that recent hurricane under control -- using their checkbook.


Especially in metropolitan areas, renting can offer you access to more than a handful of apartment amenities. From hot rooftop decks and pools to on-site (and well-appointed) fitness centers and gym memberships, there are plenty of potential benefits to renting. Many buildings in metropolitan areas also offer on-site services like free WiFi, dry cleaning, a doorman, and parking -- all of which might cost you a pretty penny if you were to buy (where parking, especially, can be thousands of dollars to buy and hundreds to rent each month).


If you're new to an area, renting is a powerful tool to help you get to know the area. You can spend a few years living in different parts of town until you find the perfect area that feels like home. This keeps you from buying in an area that looks great, but that you haven't spent much time in and around. And while you might be moving every year or so, the money spent on a U-Haul or movers pales in comparison to paying closing costs on a home you're buying on a time crunch during a relocation.


Events This Weekend Around Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

If you live in an apartment in West Columbia, SC here are some upcoming events happening this weekend:

LET’S MOVE COLUMBIA GAMEDAY: 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday in the Drew Park green space, next to Drew Wellness Center, 2101 Walker Solomon Way. Free event is in recognition of National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Activities include field games, celebrity flag football, relay races, healthy snacks, live entertainment, a scavenger hunt, exhibitors and more. (803) 255-8161; http://columbiasc.net

FALL FESTIVAL AND PICKIN’ PARTY: 10 am.-5 p.m. Saturday at the State Museum, 301 Gervais St. (outside and in the lobby). Live music, artists and craftsmen, children’s activities, craft beer and barbecue cooks. (803) 898-4921; http://scmuseum.org

ROSEWOOD ARTS FESTIVAL: The annual arts festival returns for its fourth year 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday at 2719 Rosewood Drive on the grounds of Rockaways restaurant. More than 100 artists exhibit their work in an family-friendly atmosphere. Meet South Carolina authors, too. Entertainment is on two stages: acts include members from the S.C. Philharmonic, Tom Hall and the Plowboys, Columbia Marionette Theatre, The Dawn Key Shotguns and the Tonya Tyner Trio.

SC PRIDE: The annual celebration is Saturday on Main Street, starting with a new 5K and fun run at 9 a.m. and a parade launching from Gervais Street across from the State House at noon. Entertainment for the festival includes headliner, country music singer Lorrie Morgan, R&B singer Deborah Cox and four cast members from “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Details: scpride.org


Americans are Choosing to Rent Instead of Buy – Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 12, 2014

Despite the fact that home price gains have relatively slowed and mortgage rates are at record lows, a large number of Americans continue to rent homes rather than buy one, even if renting is more expensive than paying off a mortgage. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York explains why the trend of renting is so hot right now.

A recent report by Zillow, 30% of a tenant's income goes towards a lease when compared to the 15 percent a homeowner contributes towards a mortgage payment. But Americans, especially the younger generation, is yet choosing to rent.

To understand this trend, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York surveyed 344 young renters to find that though these people would love to own a place of their own, there are several hurdles that are keeping them from achieving their property goals.

Below are some reasons for their preference towards renting:

  • 55.7% said they don't have enough money or have too much debt
  • 52.7% said they don't have the right income to support a mortgage.
  • 41.4% said they don't have good credit scores.
  • 28.6% said they want a simpler lifestyle and want to avoid the "upkeep" of homeownership.
  • 24.1% do not like the idea of being restricted to an area.
  • 23.6% think it is cheaper to rent than to buy.
  • 18.7% do not want to invest in a home at all.

One of the major reasons was availability of mortgages. Almost two thirds of the people surveyed said that they would find it difficult to qualify for or obtain a home loan.

The survey also found many people saying they don't want to own because they expect home prices to fall further.

Previously, experts had pointed out that buyers are waiting for home prices to fall further before making a purchase decision. Also, the economy and jobs report are going to play a major role on buying activity.

And though interest rates are low, access to credit is tight because lenders aren't ready to risk another dent in their finances while the economy recovers.

The surveyors noted that there are "many potential buyers with relatively low credit scores" and that they "might now be discouraged, meaning that they are convinced that they would not be granted credit and thus may fail to apply for a mortgage even after an easing in standards."

But, they acknowledge that if lending standards were loosened too much, another financial windfall could come up and that could prove dangerous for the economy.

For more information on apartments in West Columbia, SC contact Abberly Village Apartment Homes.


Columbia, SC Food Trucks Are Hitting TV

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 10, 2014

If you live in an apartment in West Columbia, SC you should know that our food trucks are becoming famous! Columbia’s food truck stars have snagged an eight-episode season with the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Operators 2 Fat 2 Fly wing truck, were featured during a one-hour special last month. The show ended up as the No. 1 in its time slot on ad-supported cable for African-American women 25-54, the network said.

Originally airing as Wingmen, the name of the show will be changed to the name of the food truck for eight one-hour episodes.

The “docu-series” will follow Dickerson and Simmons, the owners of the truck, as they operate their food truck business around Columbia, selling stuffed chicken wings. The series will be aired on Saturday nights in early 2015.

“This series will be a great addition to our Saturday primetime lineup,” Erik Logan, president of OWN, said in a statement. “The escapades of these two best friends are fun to watch and there seems to be no limit to what they might do in their quest to make their business a huge success.”

The show will document “the triumphs and challenges Ramone and Corey will encounter as they plot their path towards the American dream wing by wing”.

The State

Adopt a Pet in Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 05, 2014

Pets are always fun to live with in apartments in West Columbia, SC. When you own a dog you always have a friend, always have someone to come home to, and often have someone to take a walk with.

Are you interested in adopting a pet? The Columbia Animal Shelter and Petsense on Garners Ferry Road are partnering for pet adoption events on Saturday and Sunday, September 13 &14.

Hotdogs and drinks will be served to people adopting a new pet for their home. Drawings for gift certificates and special adoption discounts will be held and pet-related games are planned along with other activities.

The 2014 Forever Home Adopt-A-Thon will be conducted on Saturday, September 13, from 9am-4pm and Sunday, September 14, from 10am-4pm at the Petsense located at 7402 Garners Ferry Rd.. Pets may also be adopted Saturday September 13 at the Columbia Animal Shelter located at 127 Humane Ln., Columbia, SC, 29201, from 9am - 4pm.


What Every Renter Should Know – Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 03, 2014

After the housing market crashed, the number of single-family renting households has grown by leaps and bounds. And it doesn’t appear like that increase is going to slow down any time soon. Those can afford to buy homes are choosing to rent. If you are interested in renting an apartment in West Columbia, SC, here are some things you should know.

1. Be prepared: Do your research and make sure you have all of your paperwork in order when applying for a rental property. Educating yourself about the rental process and the property itself can prove invaluable in your search.

2. Budget wisely: Financial experts suggest that renters shouldn’t spend more than 25%-30% of their monthly income on rent. There are other costs associated with renting, like daily commuting costs or lifestyle amenities, to consider as well.

3. Choose which amenities are important to you: Most people want a beautiful view, but that usually comes with a price. Is having a fitness center more important to you than an infinity pool? Choose the things that are most important to you and don’t worry about the rest.

4. Decide on your ideal location: As the old saying goes, location, location, location. Is the rental in a good school district? Is the surrounding neighborhood conducive to your lifestyle? Do you want an urban environment or something a little more laid back? Narrowing down your search to specific areas will make your search much easier.

5. Looking to cut costs? Consider a roommate.

6. Never sign a lease without visiting the property first: It’s critical to see the actual unit you’d be renting, not just the model unit. Check the fixtures, faucets and other features of the unit to make sure everything works. Perk your ears up and listen to your neighbors. You don’t want to be surprised by neighbors who enjoy playing loud music every night at 2 a.m.

7. Review the lease agreement thoroughly: Read all the fine print and make sure that there aren’t any provisions in the lease agreement that would inhibit your lifestyle. Pay attention to the effective date of commencement and duration, security deposit amount paid, and the circumstances that make the deposit refundable. Additionally, consider rent escalation, grounds for termination, and the notice period required for termination of the lease. All of these may be important during your lease term.

8. Purchase renters insurance: What happens if there’s a fire or other catastrophic damage in your home? The landlord’s insurance policy will take care of the building itself but not your stuff. Make sure you get a renter's insurance policy to protect your stuff in case of any catastrophic event, theft or anything else that may happen.

9. Take the steps necessary to get your security deposit back: Make sure you take pictures of the space before you move in and after you move out. Having that protection will help to ensure that you get your deposit back. When your lease term has ended, insist on completing a final walk-through with the property owner. That way, both parties can compare the space before and after your occupancy.

10. Be efficient with space: It’s your home for the life of your lease term, so make the space your own. Embrace your interior decorator and learn about Feng Shui. Reduce your clutter and live a clean, peaceful life.


Farmer's Markets for Fresh Cooking Anytime - West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 29, 2014

If you live in an apartment in West Columbia, SC and are a big fan of farmer’s markets, sometimes it is challenging to make it to your favorite one on their limited days open. Cooking with fresh, local fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients is a healthy, and green way to eat. But, if you can’t always get to your favorite farmer’s market, here is a list of those in the area so you can get to one any time.

South Carolina State Farmers Market
3483 Charleston Highway (US 321)
6am - 9pm Monday - Saturday | Sunday 12pm - 6pm

Sandhill Farmers Market
Clemson Road across from Village at Sandhill
2pm - 7pm

Forest Acres Farmers Market
Under the big tent at Richland Mall
3-7 pm through October 29

Northeast Farmers Market
Lake Carolina Town Center
3pm - 7pm

Lexington Farmers Market
Lexington Square Park at 205 E. Main St.
9am - 12pm

Soda City Market
1400 &1500 Main Street (2 blocks) Downtown Columbia
9am - 1pm

Newberry Farmers Market
Downtown Newberry
9am - 11:30am

Kershaw County Farmers Market
631 DeKalb St. Camden
8am - 12pm

Irmo Farmers Market
1st & 3rd Saturdays only
Carlisle Street in Irmo
9am - 12pm

Ridge Spring Farmers Market
Highway 23/Main Street on Town Square

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