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Renting An Apartment in West Columbia, SC During Retirement

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 02, 2015

Many argue it’s best to own a home in retirement instead of renting one. But there are exceptions.  Sometimes, renting makes more sense.

There are situations where signing a lease beats a mortgage — even during retirement.

A recently retired teacher and her husband, sold a house to move into a rental apartment building.

“We don’t need a five-bedroom house anymore, and we weren’t ready to make a commitment for a condo,” she said. And they’re not sure when they will. In the interim, they decided to live in a “fun” place, where they could walk everywhere and have easy access to all the cultural attractions downtown has to offer.

When Flexibility Rules

Renting a 2 bedroom apartment in West Columbia, SC affords flexibility, and you can still have that extra bedroom if you want it. And that flexibility is a big reason retirees turn into renters — at least for a while. Retirees may rent to try out living in a new location. Or they can rent to see if they like being snowbirds, spending the colder months where the weather is warm.

Flexibility is also helpful when financial or health situations change, requiring a move to a less expensive place, to a place closer to family, or to a care facility. Renters don’t have the burden of selling a home should those issues arise.

Plus, apartment living comes without some of the hassles of home ownership.

Many retirees are looking for the same experience as that of their Millennial children or grandchildren — they want to live in an all-inclusive place where they don’t have to worry about maintaining a home. What’s more, renting an apartment might be best for those who want to be within walking distance of cultural activities, stores and restaurants.

For those with insufficient retirement savings, renting could also be a good option. Instead of tying up money in a house, an asset that typically appreciates at a slow pace, some might be better off renting in retirement and considering other alternatives for their money.

For more information on apartments in West Columbia, SC, contact Abberly Village Apartments.


Why Choose Student Apartments in West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 24, 2015

If you are in college and considering living in student apartments in West Columbia, SC next semester here are some things to think about. Where you are going to live is one of the most important things you'll have to decide. While staying on campus has certain advantages, getting your own apartment may be the better choice. When you're trying to choose between apartment living and dorm life, weighing the pros and cons can help you make an educated decision.


Privacy can be hard to come by when you live in a dorm, especially when you're sharing a relatively small space with one or more roommates. If you're used to having a room all to yourself, living in the dorm can be a big adjustment. One of the biggest advantages of getting an apartment is that you don't have to worry about sacrificing your privacy. It's also easier to concentrate on your studies when you don't have people constantly going in and out. Even if you decide to have a roommate, you'll be sharing a larger space and you'll each have your own bedroom.

Fewer Restrictions

Living in the dorm means you're subject to the dorm rules. Typically, these include restrictions on things like how late you can have visitors and whether you can have visitors of the opposite sex. You may also be subject to periodic room inspections or be required to attend regular meetings with your Resident Advisor. When you live in an apartment, you have to abide by the lease agreement, but there are generally no restrictions on when you can have visitors. You'll still have to keep the noise down so you don't bother your neighbors, but you won't have to worry about the landlord showing up for a surprise inspection.


Room and board includes all the costs associated with living in the dorms, including your food, utilities, access to laundry services and other amenities. Depending on the school you attend and what the housing market is like in the area, renting an apartment can actually be cheaper than living in the dorms. You'll have to pay for your own groceries and extras such as cable TV or Internet access, but you could end up saving money in the long run. You can save even more when you use money in a 529 savings plan to pay for your off-campus housing costs.


While living in an apartment does have some advantages, there are some potential downsides to consider. If you don't live within walking distance of the campus, you may not save money if you have to pay for transportation costs. Safety may also be an issue; dorms are typically equipped with security systems and require a special ID card to gain access. This may not be the case with an apartment complex. You also need to consider the social aspect. Living in the dorm may offer more opportunities to meet new people and interact with your peers.

For more information on apartments in West Columbia, SC, contact Abberly Village.


Reasons to Rent Off Campus Apartments in West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It is one of the most important questions of your college years – should you live in a dorm on campus, or rent an apartment? This decision can drastically alter your college experience. While a majority of students (at least the ones who don't live at home), decide to live on campus as a freshman, where you live during the later years is a lot less clear.

Staying on campus will keep you close to classes and in the loop when it comes to school activities, but off-campus living has some serious perks, too. Here are five reasons you may want to rent an apartment off-campus.

1. It can save you money. Dorms and other student housing options are notoriously expensive at many colleges, which is why so many students opt to live off-campus starting their sophomore year. However, this isn't always the case, so don't fall into the trap of thinking that all off-campus housing will be cheaper.

If money is an issue, do a little research to determine typical rent prices in nearby neighborhoods. Find one that works best for your budget and won't be a difficult commute to classes. And don't forget: Living with roommates will likely be much cheaper than living alone.

2. There are no rules. The longer you live in dorms, the more time you'll have to deal with things like nosy RAs and early quiet hours. While this is perfectly fine for some people, others prefer the idea of living somewhere that doesn't have strict rules. While these rules are meant to create a positive living environment – and they do – renting your own apartment allows you to hold your own hours and do your own thing.

3. You'll find yourself becoming more responsible. One of the main reasons you should live off-campus, at least for a couple years, is that it offers important real-life experience you can build on as you move into post-grad life.

Between actually having to pay your own rent, and managing all the other expenses that go along with renting your own place, living off-campus is a crash course in responsibility. Things like time management, budgeting and learning to cook will all start to become normal parts of your day-to-day life. Before you know it, you'll be a full-fledged adult.

You'll also learn how to develop a relationship with your landlord, and you'll build a rental history, which will only help you when apartment hunting in the future.

4. You'll have more space. Another major perk of moving out of the dorms is that, for the most part, off-campus apartments have a lot more space. That includes more storage, larger kitchens, a real living room and your own bedroom – unless, of course, you decide to share a room for cheaper rent. Either way, you'll find yourself with more room to spread out, and that's no small thing.

5. You'll have a lot of fun. Finally, and arguably most importantly, students who rent apartments off-campus, especially those who live with their friends, have a lot of fun. You'll get to decorate your own space and entertain friends (yes, even into the wee hours). Plus, simply being able to explore more areas of the city you live in is a perk that can't be quantified.

Planning to live off-campus for the first time? For more information on apartments in West Columbia, SC contact Abberly Village.


US News - Money

What to Look for in a Landlord – West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 11, 2015

Living off-campus is something most college students do sometime during their years at school, and whether you’re in a house or apartment, you want to know that your landlord will be there for you if a problem ever arises.

When you’re considering apartments in West Columbia, SC, it’s important to think about who your landlord will be and look for certain characteristics.

Here are the top five qualities you should look for in a student housing landlord.


It’s important to know who your landlord is and one of the best ways you can judge whether or not they’re a good landlord is through their reputation. Check out reviews online and ask tenants who currently live in houses or apartments belonging to your landlord about their experiences living there.

Keep in mind that even if there are bad online reviews about a landlord, they may not tell the whole story. If you can talk to former or current residents, you’ll probably get the best answers that will help you decide whether you want to get into a student housing agreement with that landlord.


This quality is really important to consider because when you rent an apartment, your landlord is responsible for the upkeep and livability of the place. You want to know that if you signed a lease with the landlord that they will maintain open lines of communication and will keep you upraised on any situations that may occur and will tell you they are working to help you.

You also need to know that your landlord will always be reachable — whether by email, phone, etc. — and you need to feel comfortable reaching out to them with questions and issues.


When judging a landlord’s reliability, their ability to communicate is an important factor to consider. You want a landlord who gets back to you in a timely manner when you email or call and one who’ll show up when they say they will.


This is a tougher quality to judge, but you want to have a landlord that you like because if you like your landlord, you’ll feel more comfortable contacting them about problems or with questions.

When first meeting your potential landlord, see what sort of vibe you get from them. Are they sketchy? Are they honest with you? Did they show up on time? Do they seem professional and organized? Do they treat you with respect?

Consider these questions when deciding on a landlord because you don’t want to enter into a lease with a landlord that you don’t think you’ll be able to count on and who doesn’t seem to have it together, so make sure to go with your gut.


This factor goes along with likability and reliability. When you initially sought out the landlord, were they professional and yet friendly? Did they show up on time? Do they seem organized and prepared?

You’re going to sign a legal agreement with your landlord so you want to make sure they are professional and you can count on them to have all the necessary documentation ready for you to sign and know they’ll keep your paperwork safe, secure, and organized.

So before you decide on your student housing, make sure to consider these five qualities in your landlord — and if they lack all of them, look into other options.

For more information on 1 or 2 bedroom apartments in West Columbia, SC contact Abberly Village Apartments.

USA Today/College

A Checklist for Renting an Apartment in West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 03, 2015

Maybe you're looking to rent your first apartment in West Columbia, SC, whether you are a college student, grad student or recent college grad, whatever your situation there are some things to consider before you sign a 12 month lease.

Here are a few tips for renting an apartment:

Before you even start looking for a 1-bedroom apartment in West Columbia, SC, know how much you can afford to spend. Housing is the biggest monthly expense for most people so if you miscalculate how much rent you can afford, your budget will suffer. In addition to rent, there are additional expenses like security deposit, utilities, cable, Internet, renters insurance, and one-time move-in expenses like window treatments, appliances or rugs.

Check out the neighborhood before you sign. Determine how safe you feel walking around. Come back to see if the neighborhood's character changes at night or on the weekend. Also note the proximity to parks, schools, grocery stores, public transportation and busy commuter routes.

Thoroughly inspect each potential rental:

  • Look at total useable space.
  • Use a tape measure to measure each room to determine whether your furniture will fit. Ensure there's sufficient closet, cupboard and storage space.
  • Look for safety features like deadbolts and peepholes, well-lit corridors, stairwells and parking areas, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers.
  • In multi-unit buildings, note the condition of common areas.
  • Note the condition of appliances, plumbing fixtures, floors/carpeting, electrical outlets and switches, light fixtures, walls and windows.

Once you find a suitable place, read the rental agreement carefully.

And finally, be aware that many landlords check credit reports of potential tenants. HHHunt apartments report on-time rental payments in order to help boost your credit ratings.

For more information, contact Abberly Village Apartments.

Cherry Creek News

Tips for Finding Apartments - West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The transition from living at home to moving to college can be difficult on many levels. Getting into the right housing situation smooths several bumps in the road and can help a student gain independence.

The first step is deciding what kind of living arrangement works best.

If you decide to rent a two bedroom apartment in West Columbia, SC, here are ways to save money along the way:

A survey found that when it came to choosing an apartment, 47% of students cited rental rates and price as their leading factor.

Parents, on the other hand, had security (34 percent) as a priority. Rental rates were only third (20 percent) among parents, while location/proximity to campus was second at 29 percent.

Swimming pools and Internet cafes are great, but convenience and safety are very important as compared to whether your apartment complex has a fitness center.

If you can find housing close enough to walk or bike to campus, or along a bus route, consider leaving your car at home. Auto expenses add up quickly — monthly payments, insurance, routine maintenance, parking and gas.

Look for a place within walking distance of a grocery or a convenience store.

"Even buying at an overpriced convenience store is better than eating out every night," Pratt said. "Set aside a certain amount for dining out, grabbing McDonald's on the way home. But don't go over that amount. Make your own meals at home. Peanut butter and jelly isn't expensive."

Before signing a lease, give the apartment a thorough inspection. Document and photograph any damage or flaws and have them written into the lease. That way, when it comes time to move, the landlord can't claim that 1995-era cracked plaster is your fault and keep a chunk of the security deposit.

You might be able to save on the most basic expense: rent. Look for incentives to get more for your money such as a month's free rent or free utilities.

Emphasize characteristics that show you will be a good tenant, will pay on time and not cause any problems.

Landlords might be willing to bargain if you plan to rent for an entire year — working in town or attending summer school — and not just the regular school year.

Make sure everyone signs the lease. Roommates who drop out after a month would then be liable for their share of the rent.

For more information on renting 2 bedroom apartments in West Columbia, SC, contact Abberly Village Apartments.

Chicago Tribune

New to the Area? Rent First – West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 20, 2015

If you are new to the area and wondering if we should rent or buy there is more to the argument than you may think.

With buying there is pride of ownership and when you buy a home you may feel like you have a place to call your own. But....

On a more practical note, think about the reality of ownership. Unless you pay cash, buying a home results in a big mortgage on the property. You really don't own the home. The bank has a huge lien against the property and can take the house from you if you don't make your payments.

Home ownership comes with a whole bunch of other obligations too. You have the upkeep and maintenance of the property, maybe some homeowner dues, taxes, insurance, and then there are those dreaded household emergencies that cost a fortune. There is never a good time for your hot water heater to go or a tree to fall on the house.

Owning real estate can have some long-term advantages, like appreciation—hopefully. However, you also have to consider how much of a return on your investment you will receive before you have to or want to sell the home. Real estate commission costs add up to big bucks. And speaking of those costs, let's not forget all the closing costs associated with getting the mortgage to begin with.

Renting on the other hand can be significantly less expensive when you consider all the above costs. You should stop thinking of renting as throwing your money away and start thinking of it as possible less expensive housing that gives you flexibility.

When you are new to an area you don't always know the final place you'd like to live. After being there a while you might just find a certain part of town works better for your needs or commute. Spending a little time to get to know the area before you leap into a purchase makes sense.

A general rule of thumb is if you don't plan on living in a place for more than five years then renting might be the best bet financially. But another consideration is to consider how much money you'd lose buying and selling a property in a shorter period of time.

For more information on renting an apartment in West Columbia, SC, contact Abberly Village.

Huffington Post

It is Now More Affordable to Rent than Buy – West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 07, 2015

With historically low interest rates and affordable home prices, many consumers have been able to save money by purchasing a home rather than renting.

That may still be true in some markets, but RealtyTrac, a real estate marketing service, says that appears to be shifting.

The company constantly analyzes 285 U.S. counties to compare the buy vs. rent equation. In recent months, it says the balance is clearly shifting away from buying and toward renting as home prices rise faster than rents.

Back to bubble levels

While rents are still rising, home prices are rising even faster in some markets. When the National Association of Realtor's reported June's existing home sales, it noted that the median existing-home price for all housing types was $236,400. Not only is that a 6.5% increase over June 2014, it's even higher than the peak median sales price set in July 2006, at the height of the housing bubble.

"Buyers have come back in force, leading to the strongest past two months in sales since early 2007," said Lawrence Yun, NAR's chief economist. "This wave of demand is being fueled by a year-plus of steady job growth and an improving economy that's giving more households the financial wherewithal and incentive to buy."

Fewer homes to buy

There are fewer homes to buy. Inventory fell in June for the fifth straight month, giving sellers the ability to hold out for a higher asking price. The biggest decline in inventory came in entry-level housing, the homes usually sought by first time buyers.

But with available homes shrinking in many markets, more consumers are remaining renters for a while. And according to RealtyTrac's numbers, that might not be such a bad thing.

For more information on renting an apartment in West Columbia, SC, contact Abberly Village.

Consumer Affairs

Finding an Apartment in West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 30, 2015

Finding an apartment is no walk in the park. If you're getting ready to move, or if you're just hoping to find a new place to live, here are a few tips for your apartment search.

Give yourself a couple months. Apartment hunting in West Columbia, SC takes time. Most agree that two months is about the right span of time for an apartment search, especially if you're hoping to find a place managed by a company, rather than an independent landlord. Keep in mind that two months before you're ready to move is about the time you should start actively looking; you should already have a general idea of where you want to live before then.

Know your priorities. Before you even start researching apartments, it's a good idea to come up with a budget you need to stick to and a list of priorities you have in an apartment. Are you willing to pay more to live closer to the downtown area? Do you need a pet-friendly apartment?

Do some research.  If you aren't sure where you want to live, the easiest way to figure it out is to do some research, and if you know people who live in the area, ask them for advice. Check out a neighborhood's popularity, cost of living, crime rate and how easy it is to get around. Narrow your search to no more than two or three neighborhoods before you start searching for apartments online.

Choose your location carefully. As you're researching neighborhoods, you'll probably discover something that apartments near public transportation may be more expensive. Also, if you're planning on driving rather than using public transportation, make sure you will have parking.

Think about living with a roommate. Finding a roommate may be a huge money saver for you. Plus, sharing an apartment means you'll be splitting your utilities bills as well.

Come prepared. Apartment hunting is very competitive, which means it's necessary to go into the process fully prepared. Bring your two most recent paystubs, copies of your credit report and a photocopy of your ID. Gather the information of two previous landlords you can use as references. (If this is your first apartment, you can use previous employers – they'll be able to vouch for your responsibility.) If you have low credit or no credit, consider finding a co-signer, like a parent or older sibling.

Don't be a commitment-phobe. If you see an apartment that meets all of your main criteria, don't hesitate. Apartments are first-come, first-served for the most part, which means if you don't apply right away, someone could easily apply within the next few hours.

For more information on apartments in West Columbia, SC, contact Abberly Village.

US News - Money

Should you Rent an Apartment? – West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 23, 2015

You may be asking yourself: “Should I rent or buy a home?” The answer is personal to your situation. While mortgage rates are low, there is still a lot to be said for renting an apartment in West Columbia, SC.

Based on your financial situation, your job situation and how much time and money you want to spend on home repairs, the answer could be very different for everyone.

There is much to be said about renting. Sudden leaking roofs or a broken appliance can really make a dent in your wallet.  Unforeseen home expenses cannot really be incorporated into any budget. Lawn and yard maintenance can also be a time-sink, especially for those who don’t love these types of tasks.

If there is any possibility that you will not stay in the area, or that your job will relocate you, renting may be a better option. Closing costs and fees can really add up, and the first several years of mortgage payments go to interest rather than the principal.

But often the most practical reason for renting has nothing to do with finances. Many of those who rent just don’t have any interest in home repairs and cutting the lawn. Apartments are the solution to maintenance free living without the condo fees. With so much to do and enjoy around West Columbia, SC your time off should be your time off should be spent however you like.

Contact Abberly Village Apartment Homes for more information on renting in West Columbia, SC.


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