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Indie Grits Film Festival Means Movies and Art – Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Entering its ninth year, Indie Grits has exceeded all reasonable expectations for a film festival in a modest Southern city. If you live in an apartment near Columbia, SC you don’t want to miss it.

Last April, an estimated 12,000 people flocked to the Nickelodeon Theatre’s annual smorgasbord of cutting-edge movies, music and art. Twice named one of the Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World according to MovieMaker magazine, the 2015 outing will feature 74 films culled from 400 entries, a number that has increased by 100 each of the past two years. Indie Grits now plays host to a robust film competition, a growing visual arts wing and the budding video game conference Indie Bits — not to mention related music, food, tech and puppetry elements filling out the festival’s increasingly diverse calendar.

Indie Grits Film Festival returns to Columbia Wednesday through Sunday.

  • What: Indie Grits
  • Where: Nickelodeon Theatre and other downtown locations
  • When: Wednesday, April 15-Sunday, April 19
  • More Info: indiegrits.com

This year’s Indie Grits is replete with new and exciting possibilities. For the first time hinging its curation on an overarching theme, the festival is greatly expanding its art programming: A Future Perfect exhibition at Tapp’s Arts Center will explore the topic.

Nine local and national artists will place work in venues throughout downtown. In addition, eight resident artists will come to Columbia and assemble projects.

Wrapped up with this theme is Indie Grits’ continued focus on community — highlighting local artists while also bringing in inspirational outsiders. This intersection is most apparent in the music. Columbia bands The Prairie Willows and The Restoration will, respectively, provide tunes for the Spork in Hand Puppet Slam and The Weekly Revue, a traveling comedy show and symposium for interesting speakers. Girded by the outlandish space rock of Charlotte’s Hectorina and the mercurial charisma of Brooklyn’s Helado Negro, Wednesday’s Opening Night Party will also feature a cadre of local buskers, a nod to one of this year’s films. Fork & Spoon Records will celebrate five years in business with a Thursday party at the Music Farm, assembling a lineup of Columbia expats (the combustible Elvis Depressedly), regional favorites (the darkly quirky Bombadil) and local mainstays (the brutally clever Can’t Kids). Saturday’s massive Hip-Hop Family Day will seek to empower the city’s oft-unheralded scene with help from some high-profile talent.

But while this is the busiest Indie Grits has ever been, it isn’t the longest. After three 10-day events, the festival returns to its old five-day duration.


Columbia Open Studios Displays Local Art This Weekend – Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 10, 2015

If you live in an apartment in West Columbia, SC and are an art lover, you should be sure to attend “Columbia Open Studios” April 11 and 12. This spring art event is sponsored by the Center for Contemporary Arts in an effort to acquaint the public with the work of artists in their own environments.

Among the studios not to be missed is Julia Moore’s Over the Mantel Gallery, that opened a little more than a year ago and houses the work of more than 30 regional artists.

Located on Carlisle Street, Over the Mantel is just a few doors down from its sister establishment, Studio Carlisle, where Moore and seven other artists paint.

Over the Mantel has brought to Columbia an exciting display of artwork combining a variety of styles, subjects, and techniques. The paintings hang side by side and offer the viewer an eclectic showing of original art.

Julia and manager Julie Coffey are busy painting and preparing the space for visitors. Please join them for a unique and exciting weekend in April.

Columbia Star, More information at 701cca.org/programs-and-events-2/columbia_open_studios

First Ever "Festival of the Arts" – Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 07, 2015

If you live in an apartment in West Columbia, SC head to the first annual Festival of the Arts this weekend. Decorate your apartment with local artwork, or just gain an appreciation of the area through our artists. The city of Cayce this weekend will host a first-of-its-kind festival organized by residents who want to expose more people to the arts and support local nonprofits.

The 2015 Cayce Festival of the Arts is happening from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday. Visitors will get the chance to enjoy work from crafters, authors and artists who hail primarily from South Carolina.

Admission is free!

“It is our goal that the festival will grow into an annual event that is anticipated within the community,” said Aubrey Shaw of the Cayce Avenues Neighborhood Association.

Vendors including John and Venetia Sharpe of Sharpe Creations in Cayce and Renee L’Ecuyer of L’Ecuyer’s Gourmet will be at the festival talking about their techniques and recipes. Several South Carolina authors including Swansea writer Sandra Pound also are signed up to attend and discuss their latest releases.

“Authors and writers are a unique inclusion in this type of festival,” Shaw said.


More information - caycefestivalofthearts.blogspot.com

Creating a Budget for Renting - Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 03, 2015

If you are considering renting apartments in Columbia, SC for the first time, there are a few items that you need to think about when creating your budget for renting.

1 Application fee: Many landlords will charge prospective tenants a fee to apply for the apartment they’re renting out. The fee accomplishes a couple of things; one of the major objectives is ensuring applicants are serious about renting the apartment. Think of it as similar to a college application fee.

Additionally, an apartment application fee can cover other expenses on the landlord’s part, like running a credit check on applicants.

2 Security deposit: Once you actually secure your apartment, you will need to pay a one-time security deposit up front that the landlord will hold until you move out. The security deposit is required to protect the landlord against extra expenses caused by damage to the property. This deposit is usually the equivalent of a month’s rent, sometimes a bit more. If you’re lucky enough to find a place that allows pets, you will probably have to pay a pet deposit as well.

If you eventually move out and leave the apartment in good condition, you should expect to get your deposit back. However, if there is damage your landlord can keep some or all of that deposit to make repairs before the property goes back on the market.

3 Moving expenses: Depending on how far from your parents’ house you’re moving, it might be necessary to hire a moving company. And even if you don’t need to hire a moving company, at the very least, you can expect to spend quite a bit on gas during the moving process.

4 Utilities: Depending on your credit situation, utility companies might treat you just like a landlord would and require a deposit be paid. Expect the same from the gas company, cable company or any other monthly contract service for which you’re a first-time customer.

5 Furniture, dishes, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.: You’re lucky if an old couch or TV accompanies you from your parents’ house to the new apartment, but remember, you have to furnish the entire place. Then there are items like plates, paper towels, bathroom cleaner, a microwave — the list goes on.

The Dallas Morning News

Green Apartment Living Tips for Earth Month – Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 01, 2015

This month is Earth Month. If you live in an apartment in West Columbia, SC, going green doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult. Here are some simple tips for green living in your apartment:

Personal Practices

  • Buy locally produced items, including produce and other goods. It reduces the amount of fossil fuels required to transport the things you buy from other parts of the country or the world. It also reduces the amount of plastic and paper products consumed in the packaging of such far-traveling products.
  • Instead of using grocery stores' disposable plastic or paper bags, bring your own reusable tote bags, which are available for sale at many grocers and other retailers. The bags are sturdier than disposable bags, making the trip home easier, and they don't waste resources or end up in landfills. You alone could keep up to 1,500 bags per year out of landfills! If you must use disposable bags, ask your bagger to avoid double-bagging whenever possible.
  • Only run full loads in the dishwasher and the laundry machine. You use the same amount of energy to power these machines if you have a 1/2 load or a full one- so wait a couple of days to make sure you have a full load.
  • Be careful not to leave the water running when you brush your teeth or wash the dishes.
  • Scrape - don't rinse! When using a dishwasher, pre-rinsing is no longer necessary with today's technology and detergents. You may be using more water to pre-rinse than the dishwasher uses for a full wash cycle.
  • When you go out for coffee, bring a reusable insulated mug.



South Carolina Cornbread Festival in Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 24, 2015

If you live in an apartment in West Columbia, SC then head to the SC Cornbread Festival on Saturday, March 28. This fun festival takes place at Main at Newman Street in Columbia from 10 am - 8 pm  and it is FREE. Enjoy fun and excitement with all your friends and the whole family with the 5K Run/Walk, Cornbread Cook-off, live entertainment & more!

The South Carolina Cornbread Festival and 5K Run/Walk is here this weekend. The event will offer fun and excitement for the whole family with:

  • 5K Run/Walk
  • Cornbread classic cornhole tournament
  • Cornbread lane
  • PlayLand
  • Classic car show
  • Cornbread Cook-off
  • Children's Cook-off
  • Cow milking contest
  • Little Miss Muffin Pageant

The Cornbread Festival is fun for everyone. Mark your calendars for this family friendly fun-filled day!


More information - sccornbreadfestival.com

Bacon and Cornbread Come to Columbia, SC this Weekend

Joseph Coupal - Monday, March 23, 2015

If you live in an apartment in West Columbia, SC you have two great festivals that you can enjoy this weekend. The America Loves Bacon Tour comes to Columbia this Saturday and the South Carolina Cornbread Festival also takes place on Saturday.

America Loves Bacon Tour - 11:30-7 p.m. Saturday at Carolina Walk. Meet Chef Brian Duff from “Bar Rescue,” and enjoy live music, sign up for the bacon-eating contest, and sample lots of, well, bacon-centric dishes. General admission tickets, $25 (covers entry 1-7 p.m., five sampling tickets, entertainment, cooking demos) or VIP tickets, $75 (early 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. entry, 10 sampling tickets, official T-shirt, poster, laminate pass). Information and tickets atamericalovesbacon.com.

South Carolina Cornbread Festival - 8 a.m-8 p.m. Saturday at 2800 block of North Main and Newman streets. Participate in the Cornbread Cook-off, cornbread-eating contest or the S.C. Cornbread Festival Pageant. Enjoy classic and contemporary car shows, live entertainment and the Corn Muffin Playland. Information: www.sccornbreadfestival.com.

More information - thestate.com

Reasons To Rent - West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 19, 2015

With any major decision in life, there are pros and cons to consider, and the right decision depends on what your particular priorities in life are. Deciding whether to rent or buy a house definitely fits that bill.

If you plan on being in the same city for the next several decades, want to customize your home in any way, want to be able to have any pets you want, and don't mind the commitment of a mortgage, owning is probably the best way to go. However, there are some perks that renters enjoy; here's a list of a few of them.

1. Smaller time commitment

One of the biggest perks of renting as opposed to owning a home is the relatively small time commitment involved. The longest lease for an apartment is two years.

In contrast, most mortgages are either 15 or 30-year commitments, making renting an excellent choice for those who anticipate some instability in their lives. Is it possible you could get transferred to another city? Considering a family? Going back to school? These are all good reasons to give yourself the flexibility of a shorter time commitment.

That way, if you need to leave, it's simply a matter of waiting out the rest of your lease. In most cases, even if you need to break a lease, it can be done for a penalty of a month's rent.

2. Maintenance

The amount of maintenance that goes along with home ownership is one of the least favorite thing about owning for most people. This is especially true if the home you own is more than a few years old.

In an apartment or rented home, the landlord generally takes care of all maintenance issues, eliminating the possibility of massive unforeseen expenses that can come with ownership. It is nice to know that if your home needs maintenance, it won't cost you a dime.

3. Limited financial risk

Aside from the absence of any maintenance expenses, renting your home eliminates other types of risk as well.  You are generally protected from massive swings in the mortgage market.

4. One bill to pay

Home ownership has a lot of extra expenses, such as property taxes, homeowner's insurance, and closing costs that don't contribute to paying down the principal. In some locations, these can get very pricy.

5. The freedom to leave

The biggest perk of renting is the freedom to move around.  Selling a home right now is extremely difficult in many areas of the country.

In a rental situation, as long as your lease is up, you can go somewhere else for any reason, and not just when you're moving a long distance. Having another baby? Rent a bigger home. Don't like your landlord? Go find a new one. Did you get a higher-paying job? Get a nicer place to live!

For more information on apartments in West Columbia, SC contact Abberly Village Apartment Homes.

Daily Finance

Great Craft Beer at Soda City Suds Week – Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Soda City Suds Week was created to help celebrate Columbia’s burgeoning craft beer scene and the businesses that work hard to promote the city and state’s beer culture. This will be Columbia’s first-ever Craft Beer Week. It’s called Soda City Suds Week and it runs from March 21st - 28th.

With Columbia home to three craft breweries (with more coming) and a growing number of bars, shops and other craft beer-centric businesses in the area, we want to highlight what makes these brands and businesses great and show off what they’re doing to help grow the craft beer scene here.

This will be a great week of unique and exciting events planned all across Columbia and Lexington from March 21-28 for the inaugural Soda City Suds Week, and raise a toast to craft beer in the Soda City!

There are 27 events lined up all around the city and nearby, including:

Kickoff event at River Rat - all 21 SC breweries on tap
Olde Mecklenburg tap takeover at Keg Cowboy
Cheese & Beer pairing at Whole Foods
Real Ales at Hunter-Gatherer
Rare Keg night at Green's
COAST night at Keg Cowboy with brewer David Merritt
Cream of the Crop beer festival on the 28th - nearly all the craft breweries from NC and SC will be represented here.

If you live in an apartment in West Columbia, SC, have you heard about Soda City Suds Week yet? It’s a week long celebration of Columbia’s independent craft beer scene. There will be all sorts of great beer events going on in town that week, including a kickoff party at River Rat featuring beers from all 21 South Carolina breweries, a Suds and Spuds event at Soda City Market for the carb lovers, a pop-up beer hall from The Whig, and lots more.

free-times.com/ For more information – beeradvocate.com

Schedule of St. Patty’s Day Events in Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 13, 2015

If you live in an apartment in Columbia, SC they you should head to Five Points for the St. Pat's Festival on Saturday, March 14th. There will be more fun this year than ever before. Wondering what’s going on at the festival this year?

Here is a Schedule of St. Patty’s Day Events:

8 a.m. Get to the Green 5k, 10k and Family Fun 1-Miler

9 a.m. Gates open

10 a.m. Parade begins at Dreher High School and proceeds down Devine Street toward Five Points

Wells Fargo Pot o’ Gold Playland opens in Martin Luther King, Jr. Park

11:30 a.m. Music begins on the Shaggin’ on Santee Stage

12:30 p.m. Live music begins

7 p.m. Festival is over, though many businesses in Five Points remain open

Transportation information

Parking shuttle locations
Shuttles running every 20 minutes from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Capital City Stadium on Assembly Street
Park Street behind the Koger Center
Shuttles running from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Hand Middle School on King Street side; drop off at Devine Street Gate
Food, beverages, backpacks, coolers and containers are not allowed on shuttles

Taxi stand locations

Take a cab and the Five Points Association and Checker Yellow will cover the first $10 of your fare to a home or hotel.
Blossom Street (near Wells Fargo)
Devine Street (near Jake’s)
Harden Street (near Chick-fil-A)

Read more here: thestate.com

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