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Apartment Hunting Tips – West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 26, 2016
No matter your age, going out on your own to rent your first apartment is a major step. If you’ve never done it before, how do you know what to look for? It may come as a surprise, but there are tons of things to consider other than the usual question of “do I have enough space?”

In order to make this huge step go a little smoother, here are some tips for first-time apartment searchers.

Check your commute

One of the most important questions for anyone: How long is my commute? To figure it out, start with an app, like Google maps or Waze. To make sure you’ve got a good estimate of door to door travel time, the best advice would be to go on a practice run before you decide on an apartment.

If you’re taking public transportation, check the walking distance from the apartment to the nearest stop. Time how long it will take you to get there and check out the lay of the land. Your app might tell you that the stop is only a 5-minute walk, but what if it’s a 5-minute walk up a huge hill? Most likely, that might change your timing a bit.

Own a car? Be sure to ask about parking details like whether you have your own parking spot and if there’s a fee.

Lastly, take the time one day to check out the traffic patterns during the hours you’ll be driving to and from work. Your app might estimate a 20-minute drive, but if that turns into an hour drive during rush hour, you might not find that apartment so appealing anymore.

Test out the utilities

You don’t want to get comfortable on the couch and then realize you have no outlet to plug in your phone charger.  Or even worse, have you ever left your phone charging overnight only to realize the outlet didn’t work at all? Both frustrating situations and both totally avoidable.

Take that charger you carry with you everywhere and test the outlets at every apartment you visit. Also take note of their locations. If your living room or bedroom only has one outlet, is that enough? Another tip: Run the faucets and shower and flush the toilet to make sure there’s sufficient water pressure.

Research your landlord or leasing company

Dealing with your landlord or leasing company may become a huge part of your life. The last thing you want to do is tie yourself to a lease with an unresponsive landlord. After all, they’re responsible for keeping your apartment and building up to living standards.

Before you sign, do a little digging. See if your building had any violations or complaints filed against it. A simple online search may also give you the clarity you need.

Sign a roommate agreement

In an ideal world, you and your roommates would get along like one big happy family. But we all know how unlikely that is. No matter how well it might start out, there’s a good chance you’ll run into disagreements down the. So why not get that awkward conversation out of the way before you sign a lease with anyone else?

There are plenty of sites where you can get generic roommate agreements but there are also some where you can customize it to your needs.

Also, no matter how much you love the apartment you’re visiting, do not get pressured into signing a lease (especially if it’s your first time there). Not only should you try to visit at least two more places, but you should also come back to your favorite apartment for a second look.

For more information on apartments in West Columbia, SC contact Abberly Village.

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Tips for College Students Looking to Rent Apartments in West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Renting an apartment in college is almost a rite of passage. Sometimes it is easy to find the right place, sometimes it isn’t. To avoid trouble, here are some tips for prospective renters:

1.) Checking your credit report.

You can get one for free, once a year, from

It’s very important to do that before you go speak to a landlord because once you go see a landlord, you’re going to be giving them an application fee and that’s typically per adult. So if there is something on your credit, you’re going to want to explain that before you pay an application fee.

There’s no sense in paying it if you’re going to be denied anyway.

2.) Know your budget by separating wants from needs.

3.) Avoid only looking at model units

That’s not necessarily what you’re going to get. You may get something very similar but it may not have been freshly painted. May not be fresh carpet.

4.) Research your roommates

Roommate issues is high on the list of tenant complaints.

5 (and most importantly). Read the lease thoroughly

If you don’t understand something then the property manager needs to explain that to you. And if the property manager doesn’t want to explain that, then you don’t want to rent from that person.

For more information on apartments in West Columbia, SC contact Abberly Village.


Renting an Apartment in West Columbia, SC in Retirement

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 13, 2016

If you assume it’s better to own your home once you retire, you may want to consider the alternative. Renting an apartment in West Columbia, SC can be a better choice, depending on your circumstances and goals.

Just over 80 percent of American householders age 65 and older own their homes. Many retirees want to stay close to friends and family and prefer the stability of home ownership. Others hope to see home values rise before selling, or plan to take out a reverse mortgage.

Renting offers its own benefits:

  • Flexibility. Many retirees plan to relocate at some point, perhaps to be closer to family members in other cities, or just to enjoy a different part of the country, perhaps with more sunshine and golf courses. If you’re not ready to move yet, you may simplify matters by selling your home now and moving into an apartment locally. When you are ready to make the big move it will be much simpler, as you have already sold your house. On the other end, when you do move you may want to rent an apartment in the new city to make sure you are happy living there before making it permanent.
  • Simplicity. Owning a home comes with lots of responsibilities, from mowing the lawn and shoveling snow from the sidewalk to painting the exterior and replacing the roof. Some folks want to keep doing those things as long as they are physically able, but if you’re tired of the time and expense, renting frees you from all of these tasks.
  • Liquidity. From a financial standpoint, renting vs. owning can be a complex question involving taxes and other long-term issues, so it’s a good idea to discuss it with a financial adviser. In general, renting can be a good alternative to having much of your retirement savings tied up in a house. At the same time, you eliminate all the costs of home ownership such as maintenance and property taxes. A bonus advantage is that you will no longer be carrying that large mortgage debt.

If you are considering downsizing, it may pay to look into renting vs. owning, especially if you’re not sure how long you will stay in a new location. You don’t want to pay closing costs to buy a new home and then move again in two to three years. At any rate, these issues should be resolved within the context of your overall financial plan.

For more information on 2 bedroom apartments in West Columbia, SC contact Abberly Village.

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Advantages Of Renting Apartments in West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The following are some of advantages of renting that you may want to consider when you are considering apartments in West Columbia, SC.

  • The initial investment to rent a home or apartment is quite low. Buyers often need to have anywhere between 5 to 10 times to move into a home than to rent an apartment.
  • Renting costs less money. The funds that would normally be used toward a down payment or higher mortgage payments can be invested into savings accounts that give higher returns. This is especially true in situations where the property is lived in by the renter for less than four years.
  • The renter has limited responsibility because they do not have to take care of repairs. The landlord is responsible for these tasks. When owning a home, the owner is responsible for all repair costs.
  • The renter has less of a tax impact on their financial situation. The renter is not impacted by such items as property taxes that can fluctuate often.
  • The renter may be able to budget easier. Rent is an amount that is fixed and may even include utilities in the rental amount. A fixed amount can allow the renter to set a budget easier because the renting cost is set.
  • The renter has more mobility and flexibility to move since leases tend to me short-term.
  • Insurance costs are lower for renters because the renter only needs to insure the contents of the rental property and not the structure itself.
  • The cost to move in is lower. There may be no down payment and less deposits required.

For more information on apartments in apartments in West Columbia, SC, contact Abberly Village.


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