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Reasons to Rent in Retirement – West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Abberly Village, West Columbia, SCFor years, the standard plan for retirement was to pay off your mortgage and continue living in your family home, or perhaps sell that home and pay cash for a smaller home, possibly in a retirement community.

But that plan has changed in recent years, as some retirees have joined their millennial children and grandchildren in choosing to rent rather than buy. While their reasons vary, the trend indicates that renting is losing its stigma and that, for some older people, renting makes good economic sense.

Here are seven reasons to rent in retirement.

You want to try out a new area. Many people fantasize about moving to warm climates when they retire. But those places are big lifestyle changes for many, and some people discover that the land of mosquitoes and endless summer is not for them. Plus, it's hard to choose a neighborhood when you don't know the city. Renting gives you an opportunity to try on a new lifestyle and check out neighborhoods without committing.

You expect to move soon. If you sell the family house and expect to need assisted living within a few years, buying a home to live in for a short time may not make sense. Or perhaps you're planning to move closer to children in a few years, but you want to stay in your hometown a little longer. Renting makes it easier to move quickly.

You can't afford to own a home. The cost of the mortgage is just part of the cost of homeownership. Real estate taxes, condo or HOA fees and homeowners insurance are somewhat predictable, but the cost of repairs is a looming unknown. Those types of expenses require you to keep some cash in reserve. Houses are so expensive, and the expenses are unpredictable sometimes.

You want more freedom. You don't want to spend the rest of your life in one place, and you want to be free for adventure. That might mean long-term travel, living a few years near one child and then a few years near another, or maybe you would like to test out various cities where you could settle. In any of these scenarios, renting makes more sense. When you're renting, it gives you a lot of flexibility.

You want to tap the equity in your home. If your home is worth a lot of money but you have no access to cash for living expenses, selling the home and renting can be a good option for some, though you'll need to do the math and weigh this option versus a reverse mortgage.

You want to move into senior housing. Some older people, especially if they are single, may not like living alone but they may not need assisted living. One option is to rent an apartment in an independent living community, which provides meals, activities and maintenance. Buy-in communities also have these amenities, but a rental community is less of a commitment and may make more financial sense for some.

You can't get a mortgage. Since the foreclosure crisis, lenders have become much stricter about documenting income. Retirement income counts, but you may not have enough money for the home you want, especially if you don't have a lot of cash for a down payment. Buying becomes more difficult when you retire because lending standards are stricter.

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Happy Holidays from Abberly Village Apartments in West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Abberly Village apartments in West Columbia, SCIt is once again "end-of-year" blog post reflection time.  If you are reading this blog post, you care enough about us and our business to invest a minute or two reading here.  That means a lot to us.  The primary reason for this blog is to educate and inform our readers; as an ongoing act of giving thanks for the privilege of earning your continued trust and continued professional partnerships. So we're glad you're here.

We reflect today on the blessings that so many of you bring to both our personal and professional lives. Over the course of 2016, we hope that we have made a difference in many personal and professional lives. This is the true essence and a key measure of professional reward and business success.

It is our sincere wish that all of you bask in the joy of reflection and within the warm confines of family and friends throughout this Holiday season and throughout 2017. Cheers!

Happy Holidays!

-from all of us here at Abberly Village Apartments in West Columbia, SC.


Millennials Prefer Renting Apartments with Amenities Instead of Buying - West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Abberly Village, West Columbia, SCMore millennials these days are holding off on buying homes because of rising prices and less inventory available.

Instead, some are finding perks in renting in buildings that offer many extras.

CBS News reports that millennials are leading the charge to rent rather than buy. In 2014, almost 72 percent of them decided to rent.

Millennials put a premium on lifestyle. It’s not just about the apartment and the furnishes, it’s actually about the community amenities and the social connectivity.

One Millennial told CBS News she moved into an apartment community which has a pool, fitness center, basketball court, outdoor spaces and an onsite doggie day care center.

It gave her the flexibility to work a lot and still have the ability to work out, have fun and be social.

The allure of amenities is appealing, but many millennials don’t want to rent forever.

A lot of millennials do want to buy a home, but there are a whole lot of hurdles they’re facing. They’re having a hard time qualifying for a mortgage, or even saving for a down payment. Renting, in general, gives them a lot of flexibility.

Many millennials are happy to keep renting for now.

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Tips for Apartment Hunting in West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Abberly Village Apartments, West Columbia, SCEven though it feels like everyone just moved in, some apartments have already started leasing for next school year. Here are four tips about things to look for in your first or next apartment.


There is a wide range of apartment prices throughout West Columbia. It is not like a campus owned apartment where it takes it out of the bill, you need to make sure you will be able to afford the apartment month after month.


Free resident parking and visitor parking is a very big deal to some college students. Some apartments make you pay an extra fee to have your own space and it can be hard for your guests to find a space without getting a ticket or towed.

Proximity to Campus

Although being close to campus is nice, it can come with a big price tag. The farther away from campus usually makes for a cheaper place and there is always public transportation to get you where you need to go.


Pool, gym and pet friendly; All very important things when you are looking. It's nice to not have to go all the way to campus to work out at a gym or pool. Pet friendly is also a must for some students and they can be tricky to find.

There are many apartment options with a wide variety of different aspects and hopefully this advice can help you pick out what you really want in an apartment. For more information on apartments in West Columbia, SC contact Abberly Village.


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