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Three Reasons Why it is Better to Rent

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 16, 2012

There are so many reasons for renting, and the debate about buying or renting continues. There is much to be said for owning your own home, but today, that is no longer the priority for many. With the argument being made about renting instead of buying, more people are listening.

The flexibility of renting an apartment in West Columbia, SC is a big factor for many people. If they change jobs, it’s easier and faster to get out of your lease than put your home on the market. Not to mention, your money is tied up in the home until you sell it.

Another big factor in renting an apartment home is avoiding the hidden costs of home ownership. You can budget for your monthly mortgage, but many people forget to consider insurance, repairs, utilities, appliances and maintenance. Without those hidden costs, depending on where you live, you can actually get more home for your money if you rent.

Consider this, you will have more free time when you rent. We all know someone who owns a home. How do they spend their weekends: mowing, weeding, repairing, painting? Of course they do. As a renter, when you have time off, that time is your time. Do what you want with it; get out and explore West Columbia and surrounds, or sit on your couch and watch old movies with friends. The choice is yours.
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