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What to Look for in a Landlord – West Columbia, SC

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 11, 2015

Living off-campus is something most college students do sometime during their years at school, and whether you’re in a house or apartment, you want to know that your landlord will be there for you if a problem ever arises.

When you’re considering apartments in West Columbia, SC, it’s important to think about who your landlord will be and look for certain characteristics.

Here are the top five qualities you should look for in a student housing landlord.


It’s important to know who your landlord is and one of the best ways you can judge whether or not they’re a good landlord is through their reputation. Check out reviews online and ask tenants who currently live in houses or apartments belonging to your landlord about their experiences living there.

Keep in mind that even if there are bad online reviews about a landlord, they may not tell the whole story. If you can talk to former or current residents, you’ll probably get the best answers that will help you decide whether you want to get into a student housing agreement with that landlord.


This quality is really important to consider because when you rent an apartment, your landlord is responsible for the upkeep and livability of the place. You want to know that if you signed a lease with the landlord that they will maintain open lines of communication and will keep you upraised on any situations that may occur and will tell you they are working to help you.

You also need to know that your landlord will always be reachable — whether by email, phone, etc. — and you need to feel comfortable reaching out to them with questions and issues.


When judging a landlord’s reliability, their ability to communicate is an important factor to consider. You want a landlord who gets back to you in a timely manner when you email or call and one who’ll show up when they say they will.


This is a tougher quality to judge, but you want to have a landlord that you like because if you like your landlord, you’ll feel more comfortable contacting them about problems or with questions.

When first meeting your potential landlord, see what sort of vibe you get from them. Are they sketchy? Are they honest with you? Did they show up on time? Do they seem professional and organized? Do they treat you with respect?

Consider these questions when deciding on a landlord because you don’t want to enter into a lease with a landlord that you don’t think you’ll be able to count on and who doesn’t seem to have it together, so make sure to go with your gut.


This factor goes along with likability and reliability. When you initially sought out the landlord, were they professional and yet friendly? Did they show up on time? Do they seem organized and prepared?

You’re going to sign a legal agreement with your landlord so you want to make sure they are professional and you can count on them to have all the necessary documentation ready for you to sign and know they’ll keep your paperwork safe, secure, and organized.

So before you decide on your student housing, make sure to consider these five qualities in your landlord — and if they lack all of them, look into other options.

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Abberly Village Apartment Homes

1000 Abberly Village Circle, West Columbia, SC 29169

Call: 866-933-5853
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