Top Pet-Friendly Apartment Search Tips in West Columbia, SC

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Top Pet-Friendly Apartment Search Tips in West Columbia, SC

Don’t you love being greeted by your dog or cat when you get home after a long day? They always know how to make us smile! That’s just one of the many reasons why we love pets at Abberly Village.  As wonderful as they are, pets can add complications to an apartment search. Don’t worry! We have the top four tips for how to find the perfect pet-friendly apartment:
Do the Research: You may find an apartment you absolutely love, but they don’t allow pets or the type of pet you have. Prior to your apartment hunt, do a quick online search for “pet-friendly apartment” or “pet-friendly rental” in the West Columbia area.
Honesty is Best: It’s best not to sneak your pet into your apartment. If you find a pet-friendly apartment community, browse their website for pet policies or give the apartment leasing or management office a call to notify them that you have a pet.
Don’t Forget to Register: When searching for a pet-friendly apartment, make sure to read the pet policy and ask about any additional fees. When preparing to move in, chat with your new leasing office about properly registering your pet at the community.
Show Responsibility: Showing your leasing team that both you and your pet are responsible can go a long way. If you’ve lived in an apartment with a pet before, ask your previous community for a letter of recommendation. It’s also helpful to show that your pet has been to a training class and is up-to-date on their pet vaccinations.
If you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment in the West Columbia, South Carolina area, Abberly Village is the place for you. We love seeing our residents’ four-legged friends and even have a pet play park our community just for them! To learn more about our pet policies and find your next apartment, visit our website.

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